Which are the Best Cricket Betting Sites?

Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is a very popular sport in some of the world’s most populous and rich countries. As a result, a lot of money rides on every single cricket match that is held. A lot of that money circulates in the betting market. There was a time when you had to go to your bookie in order to place bets. Online betting changed that completely. Now you can bet on cricket from the comfort of your home without contacting any bookie anywhere. In this post, we will take a look at the best cricket betting sites that you can use to place bets whenever you want. Let’s get started.

The Best Cricket Betting Sites in 2021 for You

Royal Panda

Kicking off the list of the best cricket betting sites, we have Royal Panda. This website comes with a complete sportsbook platform. This website doesn’t have a massive selection of sports in terms of diversity but it does have cricket so if that’s what you are looking to bet on, you are covered. The live betting option is very good and this site does a great job of providing essential online betting features.


Next on the list of the best cricket betting sites, is Bet365. It is one of the most prestigious names in the sports betting industry and its sports betting app is one of the best ones out there. Bet365 provides live streaming for most sports matches as well. Its homepage displays current events available for live betting, which claims to broadcast thousands of live matches each year. You can enjoy the streaming service if you hold a paid account.

Easy navigation and a user-friendly layout provides users an engaging experience in live betting and allows them to bet in-play and check how much cash they can bet. The app also offers some special features including fast payments, bore draw promotions, and free bets for the existing customers. The Bet365 app can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.


Next on our list of the online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees, is Diamondexch. It is one of the most easy to use cricket betting sites in India. You can bet on cricket matches using Indian rupees with ease. It is used by many Indian cricket fans to bet on their beloved sport.


Skyexchange is one of the best betting sites allowing users to bet on their favourite sports, including cricket in a safe and trusted environment. You can bet on cricket matches using Indian rupees for a smooth experience. 


Matchbox9 is another one among the best cricket betting sites out there. The betting site offers a section dedicated to cricket.

Lotus book 247: 

If you are looking to open an account and register with online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees, look no further. Lotus book 247 is one of the easiest to use cricket betting sites in India as it is fully dedicated to doing so. 


Next on the list of the best cricket betting sites, is Betfair. It stands as one of the most popular betting exchanges across the globe. It’s one of the best sports betting apps in the world. Popular for its format, Betfair offers its users the chance to back events even without a bookmaker. This app does a wonderful job of bringing in-play betting streaming seamlessly on players’ devices. Betfair also utilizes some innovative methods to work exchange rates. This gives better quotes than most bookmakers.

Betfair offers professional play in sports betting. It allows users to bet live depending on any sports event like football, racing, tennis, cricket, rugby, and golf. They will also bargain and wait while the quotes increase or until others offer the simplest conditions. The app keeps users updated with all sports and betting markets offered by the betting exchange. Betfair may be a free app which will be downloaded from the company’s official website.


Betway is one of the most popular and widely used online sports betting websites and is one of the best cricket betting sites as well. It provides access to over 30,000 betting markets and includes hundreds of additional games for every type of bettor. Betway allows you to wager on just about any sporting event in the world at any time, you can redeem your bonuses offers.

William Hill

Rounding off our list of the best cricket betting sites, is William Hill. This is a legendary name from the Nevada sports betting circles, and has been aggressive in jumping into other states with legal sports betting, including Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa and New Jersey.

While there aren’t the bells and whistles of other sports apps from an aesthetic point of view, William Hill’s online betting app is one of the best sports betting apps. It offers all the main sports and is particularly strong in props action. It’s most known for its football bets options.

While William Hill isn’t as flashy as others, that does make it easier for several to use and to register and obtain within the action quickly. Its payment options remain limited, but it’s the No. 1 sports betting operation in Vegas and beyond for a reason.

Best Cricket Betting Sites: FAQs

How do I get started with cricket betting?

You can choose any one of the websites mentioned here and choose the right one based on your location, payment mode, and other preferences, and start placing bets on cricket.

How should I choose a cricket betting site?

Select your ideal cricket betting site based on these attributes: mobile-friendliness, commission, odds, payment options, user interface, live streaming and the like.

Is online cricket betting safe?

As long as you use popular and well known betting sites which have a good track record of paying out, you will be fine.

Can I earn real money by betting on cricket?

Of course, as long as you don’t just rely on random guesswork and blind gambling, you will be able to win money with sports betting if you place educated, well researched bets.

How long does the withdrawal take to reflect in my account?

This primarily depends on the mode of payment. Debit/Credit card payments take 2-3 days but PayPal and Neteller payouts are even faster, usually being closed in 1-2 days. Bank transfers also take around the same time.

If you are a devout cricket fan, and understand the machinations of the game well, betting on the sport might be a good option for you to earn some good amount of money. If you watch every single match and stay up to date with all the stats, you might as well use that knowledge to get some profit. You can choose from any of the cricket betting websites discussed in this post and place bets using them. Happy betting!

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