How to Watch Live Sports Streams on Online Betting Sites [Full Guide]

How to Watch Live Sports Streams on Online Betting Sites [Full Guide]

Live streaming is one of the newest features that bookmakers introduced to their online platform to attract more users. 

Not until long ago, the only way to watch the games was cable TV. On top of that, if you wanted to watch an event that your supplier wasn’t broadcasting, you would have to find an alternative way to view it, which wasn’t an easy task for non-technical individuals.

To fix this issue, bookmakers implemented the live sports streaming feature. Essentially, you can wager on a sports event and view it in real-time directly from your mobile or desktop device, without any additional downloads required. 

But there’s a catch – most online sportsbooks require you to make a bet to access the streaming feature. 

Keep reading to discover how you can easily access a live stream platform and watch your favourite games for free:

How to choose a live streaming sportsbook   

We tested 87% of all Canadian online sportsbooks that offer live streams. Throughout our research, we’ve concluded that the best live streaming services have three main qualities, such as:

1. Their sites are optimized for mobile 

Having a mobile-friendly design has become a crucial element of any online sportsbook. 

But why?

For starters, most events that you wager on aren’t played in the same time zone. 

Thus, having the ability to watch the games directly on your smartphone is highly advantageous since you won’t always have access to your computer or TV.  Also, watching a live event can be a great time killer, especially during your commute or lunch break.

2. They offer an extensive list of sports you can watch

At this point, it’s clear that the best live streaming services provide access to a wide range of sports. 

We discovered that many betting platforms are limited to just a few sports and leagues throughout our analysis. The lack of live streams on a platform is not necessarily a quality indicator.

 Still, if you’re the type of bettor that enjoys watching the games in real-time, it can be a decisive factor.

3. The sites offer lucrative bonuses

Promotions are the bread and butter of any reputable online sportsbook. Still, you could be wondering why we included bonuses in our list.

Well, it’s simple – they’re one of the key decisional points when selecting a bookmaker. Nobody would want to join a site purely for the live stream. Punters need incentives to maximize their odds, and bonuses are among the most efficient strategies to attract new players.

Combine that with a comprehensive live stream and a mobile-friendly design. You get the ideal online betting platform that everyone wants to join.

Pro tip: Some live streams require you to make a bet to view them. Therefore, you can use the bonus free bet that you receive on sign up and get instant access to the stream.

Sports you can watch on the live stream

We’ve uncovered that you can find a live stream for any sport you can imagine during our research. From the Kentucky Derby to low division soccer leagues and eSports tournament, there is undoubtedly an online bookmaker out there who offers real-time streams for the sport that you enjoy the most.

To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the most popular sports that are streamed on sports betting sites (and probably not on television):

Horse Racing

Would horse racing still exist if the gambling industry wouldn’t continually promote it?

Probably not, since television channels ultimately gave up on this sport (except for major events like the Triple Crown). 

Bookmakers have noticed that punters are always asking them for more horse racing fixtures. Therefore, they implemented live streams that aren’t available elsewhere that offer horse racing fans an opportunity to place wagers and watch real-time events.


Soccer (a.k.a. the King of Sports) is popular in almost every country worldwide.  

But did you know that there are hundreds of soccer leagues that you can watch and bet on?

In fact, there are so many leagues available out there that it would be nearly impossible for traditional cable service to broadcast all of them. 

If you’re a soccer enthusiast, we have some great news! Most online bookmakers that offer live streaming have a vast number of soccer leagues, even the lower divisions that aren’t available anywhere else. 

The great thing about those lesser-known soccer leagues is that they’re easier to analyze from a betting perspective. It’s a win-win situation since you can watch a wide range of soccer games and also make some money in the process.


Tennis championships generally run simultaneously every week. However, traditional sports channels only cover the main events, like the ATP tour or US Open. 

That’s not the case for live streaming betting sites. By joining a sportsbook, you get access to all the minor events, which allows you to place better wagers and continually train your intuition for the important tournaments.

Recommendation: Keeping track of all the sports events can be a daunting task. You can simplify your process by using an in-depth sports calendar. This handy tool contains all the events that will take place throughout the year, allowing you to prepare your bets in advance.

Advantages of using the live feature

Now you know that you can watch any sports on the live stream. But why would you want to use a betting site to do that?

Here are the three main reasons why we consider this alternative the best option available online:

Cost efficiency

Traditional cable services are pretty expensive. In fact, most people are continually looking for cheaper alternatives that can allow them to reduce their costs without losing any benefits. 

Just like Netflix is rapidly changing the way we watch TV shows and movies, online sportsbooks are trying to do the same thing with sports-related content.

Instead of getting a separate subscription for each sport, you enjoy watching, wouldn’t it be easier if you could have access to all sports in the same place? Well, that’s what joining a betting site with the live streaming feature can offer you.

In-play betting

Most online betting sites allow their users to place live bets on certain events. The great thing about in-play betting is that the odds fluctuate depending on the teams’ performance. 

Combining in-play betting with the live streaming feature will bring you a considerable advantage over the bookmaker since you can make more informed decisions in real-time. Of course, you need to be prepared to place your wager at the right time, or you could end up losing your bet.


The most significant advantage of live streaming sports is their convenience. You can easily access the stream from your desktop computer while at work or waiting in line at the bank. 

The key takeaway here is that accessibility is entirely missing from traditional broadcasting channels, so the new age live sports streams are the ideal choice if you want a flexible way to view your favourite events. 

Final thoughts

Live streaming is rapidly becoming the main channel for content consumption. Based on our research, sports fans actively seek a cheaper and more flexible alternative to cable television. 

At this rate, television will soon become a thing of the past, and most viewers will shift to a live streaming service. 

Still, if you also love occasionally wagering on your favourite team, joining an online sportsbook is your best choice. That’s because you get access to a wide range of live sports events for a fraction of the cost, and you can also make some extra money on the side by placing effective bets.

Instead of paying extra for a limited number of sports, we recommend joining a betting site and get access to an interactive platform that allows you to bet while watching a game in real-time. 

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